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“Economic Squeeze Relief” – Spanish Wells

A tiny island in the Northern Bahamas supports several thousand people through fishing and tourism.  Only now the cost of electricity has shut down several of the tourist houses and the cost of electricity threatens to shut down the fishing industry because of the cost of processing the fish and lobster for export is now too expensive.  Caribbean Pacific Foundation has set up a project to build an Offshore Energy Capture System with the local power company here, St George Kay Power Ltd.  This project has the potential to cut the cost of power in half, may help stimulate tourism, as well as provide hundreds of thousands of gallons of fresh water to the island on a daily basis, having a huge positive impact.  And then the island can be a role model of hope for thousands of other islands facing similar challenges.  Come join us on this amazing history making project!

 “Operation Water DR” – Water in the Dominican Republic

The DR has several areas that struggle for fresh water.  This project will provide villiages with  solar powered and wind powered water pump and tank storage.  This project allows villagers to access fresh water for drinking, cooking and kitchen garden irrigation.  In the second stage of this project coastal villiages will be provided with sea water to drinking water systems, again running off of wind and sun.  The partners in this project are the Dominican Republic Chapter of CPF and the villiage communities there.  Come with us to make a difference in people’s lives through helping to develop and deploy these life giving systems.

“Operation Water Water” (Water Water Everywhere and not a drop to drink…) – Water and Power For Tonga

Located in the South Pacific 850 km South of Samoa and 800 km East of Fiji, Tonga is sovereign nation in the South Pacific with several large and many small inhabited islands.  While they have a marvelous culture and strong national pride, they are faced with dwindling water resources as well as struggling economic growth due to the cost of electrical power.  Most of their power is produced by diesel generators and it costs a lot to get the diesel that far out.    Currently that highcost of diesel makes electricity very expensive for food processing and for water treatment and capture.  Many of the wells in Tonga have been overtaxed and are now brackish. Caribbean Pacific has been working with Tonga to prepare a site for testing and deploying Offshore Energy Capture Systems to convert sea water to drinking water for some of the inhabited islands in the region. This project will provide water to the largest island, Nukelofa.  A follow on project will provide both water and power to remote island areas. Your help with this project may unlock these life giving building blocks to the people Tonga, and then the South Pacific and beyond.

“Mission Mini Raptors”  for Food in Polynesia

Many Islands communities, especially those that are remote, struggle to feed their populations without dependence on expensive imports.  CPF is working with biomatrix gardening and chicken farming technologies for possible deployment to Tonga.  In Tonga 99% of all chicken is imported from New Zealand and Australia, it’s expensive and tends to be old frozen seconds.  Modern home grown chicken in Tonga would stimulate the economy with jobs, reduce cash drain on the economy from exports, and help to insure there is food to go around. Bio matrix farming with chickens can significantly improve food production from small family plantations.  From Tonga this food project can spread to the thousands of island communities in the South Pacific and worldwide that are in the in the same struggle for protein.  Help us make a difference in this project and see people and communities move from hunger to prosperity.

“Isle Of Hope” Water and Electricity in India

CPF is currently working with Sanskrit Parastana Foundation, teams from Asia NGO, and State Governments in India to develop 6 coastal sites for the production of electricity and water or simply water.  One of the identified projects is for the Isle of Hope, an island with about 300 people, fishing families that have no power and limited water.

Nearly a sixth of the world’s population lives in the India region and shortages of power and water are felt even in many of the larger cities.  Rural communities often have unmet needs for both.  CPF is working to make a difference here as well.  Be part of this amazing process!

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